Airstaff: Matt Malone

Matt Malone

Name: Matt Malone
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'0"

Where do you live?
I currently reside in Eau Claire, but I am from the big city of Elk Mound, WI. You don't know where it is? ok, its between Eau Claire and Menomonie.

Strange Fact:
I hate talking on my cell phone. Weird, huh? You'd think since I'm a dj I'd love to talk, which I do, but I love to talk on the radio and text on the phone! So don't call my cell, just text me...I'm too busy during the day to talk!

Favorite Artists:
My all time favorite artist of all time has to be Garth Brooks, so many great songs...and look at who he's married to??! Keith Urban, Gary Allan, and George Straight are the next on my list!

I'm a huge fan of Karaoke bars, and love to see all the raw musical talent that is out there. I also love going on YouTube and seeing people do covers of my favorite new songs...whether it makes me laugh, or cry, I still love doing it. I love going to watch my little brother and sister play sports. Oh, and most importantly I love sleeping.

Any Tattoos or Body Piercings?
Body piercings...hahaha, I don't think so! Tattoos, yes, I have 3, and they all have meaning!

How did you get into radio?
Well, it was a random pick of fate. I actually have a marketing degree and while I was in school I needed to do an internship and I always thought it would be fun to do some radio stuff. Well, I interned at another radio station and absolutely loved radio so I decided I might as well pursue it!

What's the last book you read?
Where's Waldo...its a thriller! I can NEVER find him! He's a sneaky red and white man!

Whats in your CD player right now?
I have the LoCash Cowboy CD in my car right now, but when I'm not listening to that I'm of course listening to WAXX 104!

Well, I have sort of a big family. I have a twin sister Ashley, a half-sister Sam, a step-sister Azia, and a step-brother Chaz! Great kids, I'm the you see where they get it all from, right?

The Big Question

What is your preferred method of getting turkey in your belly?
Oven Roasted
Deep Fried
Off the Grill
Wrapped around duck and Chicken
Drowned in a pool of gravy
From your Grannie's oven
I'm more of a Ham man